Be Found Online

The most efficient way to be found online is through a search  engine. Think about it, you don’t always search on Facebook for “maid service” but rather go to Google and type the keywords. Magically a list of services appears and hopefully your business is one of them. This only happens if you write content and create pages that match what your ideal clients are looking for online. This includes local search!

  • Ask some of your customers how they found you and what keywords they use.
  • Employ a keyword tool like Google’s Keyword Tool or the free or paid version of WordTracker to dig up lots of potential keyword phrases related to your business.
  • Create a list of themes that will be the basis of your content.
  • Start a blog about your themes and actual customer questions three to five times a week. (Of course, I recommend WordPress)
  • Share every blog post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and StumbleUpon
  • Make two to three minute video overview of your post and submit to YouTube.

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